Testimonials for Andalusia Ford

Jeremy Vaughn - 2012 Ford F-150 

I can't say enough about the quality and level of service that I received from Andalusia Ford. I have a job that keeps me extremely busy, and I don't really have time to deal with buying a vehicle. All the while, I want a good deal like anyone else. That being said, Jenny Odom(Internet Sales Manage) allowed me to email her questions at my convenience and made herself available whenever I had questions. It was the most pleasant vehicle transaction that I ever had. My two previous vehicle purchases left me a little jaded with regards to "Dealerships", so I was really not looking forward to having to go through the process again. I had been treated poorly, paid outrageous transaction fees, and felt rushed. This was never the case with Andalusia Ford. After receiving a quote, I was not pressured to make an immediate decision. It was fine with the dealership that I go to lunch and think about the quote and come back whenever I got ready. Thank you Jenny Odom and the crew at Andalusia Ford for the pleasant transaction. J. Vaughn "Proud FORD Owner"

Andalusia Ford - 2000 Quality Vehicle 

At Andalusia Ford we are proud of the quality used cars we sell and our dedication to serve the needs of our customers. This is reflected in the amount of repeat business we receive. Whether this is your first purchase with us or one of many that you've had, you can count on our dedicated sales staff to make it the best buying experience possible.

Matthew McQuay Nissan Sentra 

Matthew McQuay February 28 · Edited . I have to give a major shout out to Dustin Wheeler, Alan Lindsey, and the good folks out at Andalusia Ford today. With their help, my mom traded in her car and drove off the lot with a very nice Nissan Sentra! Thank you for going above and beyond for us.